Front Row Productions

Front Row Productions (FRP) is our independent commercial, film and television production division wholly owned and operated by Front Row Media, Inc.

Our Studio Partners

We have a first look deal with a major distributor and we are always looking for new ideas and entertaining stories to tell, however we do not accept unsolicited material unless it is submitted with our standard submission release form or is from a licensed talent agency.*

If you have a script, treatment or other material that you would like us to consider for development and production, please click on the link provided below then print out and complete the submissions release form and send it back to us. Our contact information can be found here. Please retain a copy of the completed submissions release form for your records.

*Please note we receive hundreds of requests each year and are not able to return your materials to you. If you send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your submission request, we will acknowledge receipt of your submission. Once we have reviewed the material submitted we will notify you if we have any interest in your story.