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Almost everyone in Hollywood wants to get back to work. What’s taking so long?

By Christi Carras, Marisa Gerber, Los Angeles Times

Americans Want to See Their Favorite Brands in Movies, Research Finds

By Ryan Barwick, Marketing Brew

Why Advertisers May Be Overemphasizing Performance Marketing
By Kate Kaye, WSJ
Abercrombie Wants Off ‘Jersey Shore’ (Wink-Wink)
By Stephanie Clifford
The Least Likely Star to Emerge From ‘House of Cards’: A Rowing Machine
By Rachel Bachman, WSJ
Behind Pepsi’s ‘Meta’ Integration Into Fox’s ‘Empire’
By E.J. Schultz and Jeanine Poggi, AdAge
Now We Know Which Brand of Beer They’ll Be Drinking on FX Shows
How Doug Ellin Turned Entourage Into the New Paragon of Product Placement
By T.J. Stanley, Adweek
What To Expect When You’re Exploiting
By Jane Ridley, New York Post
Why Advertising’s Cavemen Are Going Totally Hollyrock
By Brooks Barnes and Suzanne Vranica, WSJ
Creating Ways to Beat Zapping
By Louis Chunovic, TelevisionWeek
It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad World
By Daniel Eisenberg, TIME
The Power of Free Mad Men Product Placement: Koss Headphones’ Eureka After Hit Show Uses Brand in Season Premiere
Daily Mail Reporter
That’s Product Placement! As Advertisers Look for More Impact, They Look West to Hollywood. Lights, Camera, [Your Product Here]!
MediaDaily News
The Struggles of Fictional Paper Company Dunder Mifflin
Suzanne Vranica, WSJ
Re/Max and CBS Reach Agreement on CSI Episode
By Dave Liniger
Product Placement: Much More Than a Passing Fad Category Approaches $7.5 Billion Mark, Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
By Marc Graser and T.L. Stanley, AdAge
Marketers Explore Product Placements in Music: Music Studio Offers Ads in Artists’ Song Lyrics
By Hank Kim, AdAge
Product Placements Slated for ‘Smallville’: Identity of the Sponsor and Product Is Still a Secret
By Wayne Friedman, AdAge
Hollywood Product Placement, Circa 2054: Steven Spielberg’s New Minority Report Depicts the Future – One That Lexus and Nokia Paid Big Bucks To Get Some Fictional Goods Into.
By Ron Grover, BusinessWeek
On Television, Brands Go From Props to Stars
By Lorne Manly, The New York Times
A Word From Our Sponsor? He’s Here Now!
By Stuart Elliott, The New York Times
New Coke Is Back. Sort of. Coca-Cola revives product flop in limited cross-promotion with Netflix’s retro series ‘Stranger Things’
By Jennifer Maloney, WSJ
Chasing the Stars: Carmakers in Movies; This summer it’s big thrills, big spills and lots of squealing tires as moviegoers experience some of the best car chase scenes on film.
By Ann Job, MSN
Exclusive MDN Survey: Planners, TV Viewers Warm To Product Placements
By John Gaffney, MediaDaily News
Nike Ramps Up Video-Game Product Placements: Signs Largest Such Deal With Take-Two Interactive
By Marc Graser, Madison & Vine
A New Look for Product Placement: The Era of Logo-Slapping Is Over. Today It’s All About Taking a More Subtle Approach.
By Adam Tschorn, Los Angeles Times
Jersey Shore’s The Situation Sues Abercrombie & Fitch for $4 Million
By Zach Johnson, Celebrity News
A Mangled Hand, a ‘Heroes’ Suit, and NBC: Emerson Electric Is Suing NBC Over a Scene in “Heroes” Featuring the Company’s Garbage Disposal. This May Seem Silly but Something Does Smell Funny on Both Sides.
By Paul R. La Monica,
Sponsors Featured on ‘Restaurant’ Menu
By Jesse Hiestand, The Hollywood Reporter
Heineken Guzzles Web Traffic From Matrix Reloaded Opening: Beer-Maker’s Share of Visits Rises Over 1800%
By Jesse Hiestand, The Hollywood Reporter
General Mills Brand Integrations Lead to Big Sales Lifts in Study: Old El Paso and Honey Nut Cheerios Saw Sales Rise More Than 20% From Certain Product Placements on TV
By Jack Neff, AdAge
Coors Ends Miramax Deal Four Years Early: Breakup Follows Departure of Beer Marketing Chief Ron Askew
By James B. Arndorfer
The Business of Bond…James Bond
By Lara Magzan, CNN/Money
Matrix Reloaded, Cadillac Remade: Cadillac Reboots Its Image Amid Sci-Fi Action
A Product-Placement Hall of Fame
BMW Gets Its Own TV Channel: Upscale Carmaker To Run Latest Short-Film Series on DirecTV
By David Goetzl, AdAge
Venice Agency’s TV Series for Red Bull Is an Example of the New Role Firms Play in Entertainment Production.
By Joel Russell, Los Angeles Business Journal
Starring Apple
The Best and Worst Brand Integrations: From the Highs of ‘The Apprentice’ to the Lows of NASCAR
By Marc Graser and T.L. Stanley, AdAge, Madison & Vine
Toyota Prius Scores a Perfect Product Placement: Why ‘Six Feet Under’ Was an Uplifting Brand Experience
By Marc Graser and T.L. Stanley, AdAge, Madison & Vine
Absolut Hunk: Story of a Wildly Successful Product Placement; Make-Believe Ad on ‘Sex and the City’ Creates Real-Life Sensation