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Brands Shifting Media Buys Into Product Placement, Study Finds
by Wayne Friedman, MediaPost
Secrets of Success: Building Brands with Emerging Media
Run Ads or Place Products In-Show? Both Are Best, Research Finds
By Kelsey Sutton, Marketing Brew
Product Placement Effectiveness: Revisited and Renewed
By Kaylene Williams, Alfred Petrosky, Edward Hernandez and Robert Page, Jr., Journal of Management and Marketing Research
Covert Product Placements in TV Shows Increase Consumers’ Memories and Brand Attitudes, Says Study
Tethering the Viewer: Product Placement in Television and Film
By Craig Welsh
The Customer Funnel: A New Framework for Local Marketing
By Greg Sterling, Camilyo, The Local Search Association (LSA)
Consumer Opinions About Product Placement
Experian Simmons
Integrated Plugs Difficult To Value
By Gail Schiller, The Hollywood Reporter
The Impact of Film Product Placement on Firm Market Value
By Michael A. Wiles and Anna Danielova
20 Years of Research on Product Placement in Movie, Television and Video Game Media
By Vildan Jusufović Karışık
Product Placement Can Be A Lot More Powerful Than We Realize
By Ian Zimmerman, Ph.D., Psychology Today
The Effectiveness of Product Placement: The Influence of Product Placement Towards Consumer Behavior of the Millennial Generation
By Liew Chee Kit and Elizabeth Lim Qui P’ng
AAAA/ANA Annual Study Shows TV Clutter Levels Up Across Dayparts
Paid Placements Soar, Study Finds
By Gail Schiller, The Hollywood Reporter
New Report: Product Placement Hits $3.5 Billion, $1.9 Billion on TV
By Wayne Friedman, MediaPost
Product Placement: Well-Placed Among Consumers
By David Kaplan, MediaPost
What TV Ratings Really Mean (and Other Frequently-Asked Questions)